Thursday, December 12, 2013

Better Late Than Never

Two weeks ago I turned twenty-six years old. I wrote this on the morning of my birthday, November 28, 2013….

Today I turn 26 years old. 
I don't have a husband or any kids. 
I don't have a boyfriend or a dog. 
I don't own a car or a house. 
I dont have an office job or a serious commitment to a career. 
I don't have any giant college loans or credit card debit. 
I don't own any furniture other than a Japanese style bed (floor mattress), and until yesterday I didn't own a phone. 
To most peoples' amazement, I don't even own a refrigerator.  

And yet, there is nothing I lack. 

I am free. 

I am alive.

I am experiencing the most beautiful life. 

I have the support of a family that loves me, and the greatest friends from around the world. There is nothing I wish for on my birthday, and nothing I am not thankful for, today on Thanksgiving.

Cheers to being 26.
….Into another adventure I go.

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