Friday, September 26, 2014

Typhoon in Tokyo

Once I began the ride home, I could only focus on the drops of water hitting my skin. With each pedal forward, more water collected on my face and ran along my jawbone and streamed from my neck  into my shirt. They felt like sparks as they hit my cheeks and lips, sending tingling messages to my brain. 

I pushed my wet hair off my forehead and rubbed one side of my face dry with the back of my hand.

It was useless.
From above, more water fell. 

Collected on my eyelashes were raindrops which formed a border around my vision of the world.
Each drop of water collected the lights from the city night, and shot them back out as little rays which blurred my vision.

I pedaled forward and through the streets of the sleepless city.

Reality appeared as if it were slipping into a dream.

Sometimes this life doesn't feel real.

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