Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Allie Sensei is Pregnant!

This month I’ve been teaching an Under the Sea theme to my preschool class. Every few days we cover a new sea animal and I try to find silly facts for the kids they can understand based on their English level.

This week we started talking about seahorses and one of the things I wanted to teach them was that, “Daddy seahorses have babies.” I explained to them that normally it’s a Mommy that has a baby; that girls are the ones who can be pregnant, not boys. They understand all of these words separately, but to be sure that they understood the concept of pregnant and having a baby, I found a pillow in the classroom and tucked it under my shirt.

I walked back to our circle time on the carpet with my fake pregnant belly and said, “look, it's like this, I’m having a baby!” Immediately, the kids started rushing me and punching my stomach where the “baby” was. 

This lesson was meant to teach them about the lives of seahorses, but I walked away from it having learned something about my own life. 

Not only is it a good thing that I’m NOT pregnant, but if I was to become while in japan, this is not a job I can ever show up to again. 

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