Friday, June 13, 2014


A big part of living abroad is, well, the food. With every place I travel to and live in, I get to experience new foods, and learn how to cook with different ingredients. And of course, it's always nice to still be able to eat the comfort foods that remind you of home. Here's a look at the last two weeks of eating in Japan!

Pancakes with honey and crushed peanuts.

Some type of seaweed appetizer

Tako-Yaki: Doughballs filled with pieces of octopus.

Yaki-Niku: gilled meat

Papaya Salad

Vietnamese soup with beef and lemon grass

Homemade shrimp and fish burrito. Cooked with the assistance of a Jamaican friend and a Japanese friend.

Homemade ramen with chili and seaweed.

Daikon: a giant radish root vegetable

Curry flavored Cheeto-like snacks

Cookies and creme Pocky!

Fried rice with salmon, seaweed, and daikon.

Fish and veggies

Italian date dinner with a friend.

Kimchi with mushrooms and broccoli

Giant mushrooms!

Making homemade spring rolls and gyoza.

Typical breakfast of homemade miso soup


There is a government warning in Japan that informs people that the mushrooms are almost all over the normal level of radiation exposure, and I really want to care... but they just taste soo good here.

Salad: Fish, mushroom, avacado, sesame dressing

Korean BBQ

And of course.... sushi

Homemade breakfast of bagel with miso paste, cucumber and eggplant

An appetizer type of dish that is made of dressing and tiny little shrimps.

Homemade sauté of eggplant, avocado, mushrooms and almonds

Homemade tomato and basil chicken salad with sesame

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