Thursday, July 3, 2014


Our mind often takes us back to times and people, in places we don't want to think about.

Flipping through the catalogue of memories, we are bound to land on a few we stashed away. Pushed so far down that you thought it'd be ages until they came back to you.

I can't stop thinking about Disneyland.

The last time I went was in 2009.

It was the night I fell in love.


Not with Disneyland, but with him.

It was after midnight and we were both naked sitting in an empty hotel bathtub.

With no water between us, we passed the joint back and forth, the only light a faded dim green from the room beyond.

Smoke filled my hazy world.

My brain spun out of control.

I haven't felt that way since. Or ever before. For anyone.

And my mind won't let it go.

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