Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tide, Pull Me Away

For over a decade I've had the same favorite band. While I've alternated between which of their songs I connect with the most, the constant has been "Syracuse."

Pinback has always been able to connect with any emotion or state of mind that I am experiencing. We all have that band that was made for us. And thats what they are for me. AND it just so happens they are from San Deigo. 

This particular song has been one of my favoirtes since I first heard them, and in the past five years or so, I have become completely obesssed with it.

i stepped out into sand
water carries us from here

Something about these lines reminds me that I am free. That I will always be. This is the way I was born, the way I was raised to think. That no matter what, I can step away from whatever is bothering me. I can leave anything behind. My life is mine to run with.  There will always be a force pulling me forward, and there is no need to dwell on what's happened and what has been. 

This song propels me into the future and reminds me that who we are is not who we've been, but who we will choose to be. 

i'm fighting this assignment
i'm wishing we fall into the world

My resistance to commit to anything, and my desire to find myself anywhere but home. Dear home, I love you so, but you come with too many responsibilities and anchors. I want to fall into the world and chase the dreams I've had since I was young. I have a head overflowing with passion and notebooks full of plans, dreams, and goals. I want to fall into adventure, passion and desire. I need more than what a normal life at home can ever give me.

i missed you far away

I'll miss your heart and soul, no matter how far away.

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