Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Time Has Come

I've been living in Japan for over six weeks now, and life got busier than I expected, and I've been bad about writing. Until I can find an evening or afternoon to go into depth about my new life here, I've picked out some of my favorite photos to show what life is like on a daily basis. I am, once again, in love with the beauty that I am able to call my life.

The Alps that I get to see everyday.

Castle afternoon- The oldest in Japan

Spring Blossoms

An authentic soba lunch at the most famous soba restaurant in the city.

Matsumoto is famous for being Japan's home of soba. To me it tasted like cold wheat spaghetti.

Enough said.

The entire city has running fresh water down every street and in many places they have spots where you can stop and drink from a spring.

Writing stories on a Saturday afternoon.

Why not?


Getting messy

Water carries me from here.


Friday at work- Building blocks after creative clay time (evidence on bottom of shoe).

Performing arts in the park

Work- At the park

Low floating clouds.

My beautiful traveler



Book worm

Amazing dinner


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